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Belfast to symbol ‘Titanic 100’ – e

December 8th, 2016 | No Comments

Belfast City Council is to reason dual months of events to symbol a 100th anniversary of a launch of RMS Titanic.

Exhibitions, talks, plays and special commemorations all will be partial of a Titanic 100 programme, that starts on Thursday 31 Mar and culminates on a centenary of a ships launch, 31 May.

The centrepiece of a events programme will be dual vital new exhibitions. Titanic 100, on a lawns of a City Hall, will applaud a building of a good boat from a pregnancy to launch, focussing on a photography of RJ Welch, a central photographer for Harland and Wolff. Titanic 100 will open on 31 Mar and run by until a finish of April.

The second exhibition, in City Hall itself, will concentration on a story of a SS Nomadic, also launched in 1911, revelation her story from construction to a stream replacement programme. The Nomadic muster also will underline singular artefacts from both a proposal and a White Star line.

Throughout Apr and May, there also will be a array of tours, both on land and water, visiting pivotal landmarks compared with a Titanic story.

Over a Easter Bank Holiday weekend (Saturday 23 Tuesday 26 April), City Hall will be a focal indicate for a four-day Titanic 100 festival, featuring talks, tours, exhibitions and plays. Tickets are accessible now from a Belfast Welcome Centre.

In further to a centenary of a launch of Titanic, a series of other anniversaries are being noted via a period. These embody a centenaries of a opening of a Thompson Graving Dock and a launch of SS Nomadic, a 150th anniversary of a opening of Harland and Wolff and a 99th anniversary of a sinking, on 15 Apr 1912, of Titanic.

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