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Titanic Commemorative Pin Badge Now Available to Order From RMSTitanic100.Com

August 29th, 2016 | No Comments

May 23, 2011 RMS Titanic 100th Anniversary Pin Badge.

The 100th Anniversaries of a RMS Titanic’s Launch in 1911 and her comfortless detriment in 1912 is creation universe far-reaching news.

Commemorations for a initial Anniversary are already holding place in Belfast over these past 2 months where a World’s Most Famous Cruise Ship was built.

The pin badge is stunning, really high quality, glorious finish and Commemorates a 100th Anniversay of a RMS Titanic.

Badge Size : Dia. 25mm approx.

The RMS Titanic picture has been finished by their good crony Deepa Mann-kler, a good famous irish artist who resides tighten to where Thomas Andrews was born.

Packaged in a cushioned card, a badge is good presented in a tiny black box with pure lid.

This badge is usually accessible from

All orders are packaged fast and firmly 1218951979 for worldwide shipping.

A far-reaching operation of RMS Titanic memorabilia is accessible to perspective on their website.

To sequence your Titanic Gifts greatfully perspective

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