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The Titanic, a downed Zeppelin, sight crashes, scenes from Suffolk and Essex: all postcards going underneath a hammer

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ENTENTE: A First World War greetintgs card

By Steven Russell

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011
6:40 PM

Thousands and thousands of postcards collected by an unknown Suffolk fan over 50 years are approaching to make about £60,000 when they go underneath a hammer. STEVEN RUSSELL casts an eye over scenes of encampment life, sight crashes and even a Titanic

IT FELL FROM THE SKY: Wreckage of a German Zeppelin that crashed in abandon nearby Leiston in 1917

A SUFFOLK auction residence was really happy to be asked to sell a outrageous collection of ancestral postcards . . . though admits anticipating itself taken aback by a scale of a challenge. There were so many to arrange out and organize – about 40,000. Moreover, a aged photographs valid so fascinating that it was easy to get waylaid.

“It’s been a genuine pleasure to do it,” confirms Edward Crichton, excellent art manager of Bury St Edmunds valuers and auctioneers Lacy Scott Knight. “The usually thing is, we finish adult looking during a time all a time, meditative ‘When am we going to do all else?’ we was holding them home and logging them, night after night! It was a usually approach we could get on tip of a job.

“As a catalog it’s utterly bizarre, since it will substantially fetch £50,000-£60,000, that for us isn’t a outrageous volume for a sale. [LSK sole a play final week for £72,000, for instance – admittedly a really high cost for a firm.]

Of a likely sum for a postcards sale he says: “It’s still a poignant sum, though it’s some-more about a interest. we can’t ever remember a sale I’ve finished some-more work on – usually since of a perfect series of cards and carrying to report them all. You find yourself going by them and being distracted. It’s like anticipating aged newspapers – we finish adult reading them! Images from a ended epoch are always interesting.”

SEASIDE DRAMA: The issue of a glow during a Bath Hotel in Felixstowe in a open of 1914

Take lot 479: 5 photographs of life in midst Suffolk villages, including a design of a troops hire during Wickham Skeith.

“I was vocalization to a member of staff here who’s impending retirement and his mother and her family comes from Wickham Skeith, and they never knew there had been a troops station,” says Edward. “So there are things like that: new story entrance to life, if we like.”

Many of a postcards underline scenes from Suffolk and Essex – “because a businessman is a loyal Suffolk child – south Suffolk – so he would quite try to collect cards from that area”. Among them (and approaching to infer popular) are 11 cinema by Leiston photographer JS Waddel of a German Zeppelin that in a summer of 1917 was followed by British fighters over Suffolk and fell from a skies in abandon nearby Theberton.

Scenes of disaster always attract interest, says Edward. The sale includes images of a Liverpool Street to Cromer demonstrate derailment during Witham in 1905 that killed 11 people, and large fires during a Queen’s Head pub in Stowmarket in 1911 and Fraser’s dialect store in Ipswich (destroyed in 1912).

BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF: Two workers from a Woodbridge Rural District Council highways department

“Postcards, positively pre-World War One, were like a content summary or email is today. We had many postal deliveries a day. You could send a label in a morning, meaningful it would get there in a afternoon, to give a summary about a evening.

“Every city of any distance – even a incomparable villages – would have a photographer and, if something newsworthy happened, a photographer would take pictures. If there was a sight pile-up in a morning, by a afternoon we could buy cards of that, and send them to friends and contend ‘Look what happened here!’ That’s how news travelled.”

It’s not simply a surprising that catches a eye; Edward’s lustful of many postcards that simply account bland life: such as a milkman and his child – “and a milkman himself usually looks 17 or something!” – and a dual highways workers from Woodbridge Rural District Council with their steam-powered truck; and a un-PC (for complicated sensibilities) pointer exhorting “Help a Cripples” as soldiers collect money.

There are postcards from other tools of Britain, and inhabitant events, too –include cinema of a luckless newcomer ship RMS Titanic and of Amy Johnson, a aviation colonize who set many long-distance annals in a 1930s.

TERROR: The disadvantage of a London to Cromer demonstrate after derailing during Witham in September, 1905. Eleven people were kulled

So what of a poser male who amassed this collection? Well, he wants to sojourn anonymous.

“What we can tell we is he lives in a Hadleigh area and is now good into his 70s. He worked as an antique dealer, and an antique play spends an awful lot of time going to auctions. His vital he done mostly from furniture, though whenever he went to these auctions, if there were postcards for sale, he attempted to buy them. Over 50 years, it’s extraordinary how most we tuck away.

“Eighteen months ago he pronounced ‘Look; we wish to do a sale before we ‘move upstairs’, and do it a right way, if we like.’ we pronounced ‘Fine, though you’re going to have to assistance arrange them into lots and genres’, since there were usually so many. So he had a man there one day a week for 18 months, classification them into theme areas and towns and villages. Then we sorted them thereafter.”

The play had bought postcards simply since he favourite them and was preoccupied by aged cinema of places such as Kersey, Bildeston and villages around Hadleigh – since that’s a area where he grew adult – and not with a perspective to investment.

OWZAT: The Essex County Cricket Team in 1905

In a past, before lots of people started shopping postcards and became associating about what they were looking for – and before prices fundamentally began rising – boxfuls could be picked adult for really small money.

As good as a clever East Anglian flavour, this collection ranges from ubiquitous troops and a First World War to greetings and anguish cards.

There are cathedrals and churches, travel scenes, cinema of flowers, promotion signs, sports teams, royalty, ride – and even erotica.

The work of countless artists features, too – including Donald McGill and Mabel Lucie Attwell.

QUEUES: Macklin, a Colchester fruiterers

As good as photographs, a collection includes oilettes (postcards that demeanour like oil paintings), chromo-lithos (the initial correct technique of repeat-printing multi-colour images), pop-outs, festooned cards, and hold-to-light postcards – where pure sections let light gleam by and emanate a colourful effect.

“Having oral to one or dual collectors, we consider this is arguably a best postcard collection to have come onto a marketplace in a final integrate of years during least,” says Edward.

It’s a niche zone and a sale has been advertised in Picture Postcard Monthly. He expects seductiveness both from postcard aficionados and people who find out ancestral cinema of their encampment or street.

The postcard sale during a Lacy Scott Knight Auction Centre in Risbygate Street, Bury St Edmunds, starts during 10am on Saturday, Oct 1. Viewing is from 10am to 7pm on Friday, Sep 30.

n An online catalog can be found during

Lots to write home about

THE collection includes scenes from:

• Bury St Edmunds: 1907 Bury Pageant, County School, a hospital, Dog Partridge pub

• Felixstowe: Bath Hotel glow in 1914, showering machines in about 1906, assent celebrations in 1919, bishop’s strand use in 1934

• Ipswich: some-more than 1,500 cards

• Stowmarket: International Stores frontage, scenes after floods, a New Council School, a marketplace place

• Colchester: shopfronts, sports teams and travel celebrations, Greyfriars convent, a abbreviation propagandize and troops sanatorium

• Long Melford: Bull Hotel, Melford and Kentwell halls, foundry workers, child scouts, Hall Street

• Woodbridge: Cumberland Street, Cross Corner, Market Hill

• Harwich: a post in 1910

• Lavenham: Swan Hotel and DeVere House

• Chelmsford: Marconi factory

• Clacton-on-Sea: strand views and day-trippers

• Other places featured embody Clare, Elmswell, Cockfield, Woolpit, Cavendish, Haverhill, St Osyth, Frinton on Sea, Southwold, Aldeburgh, Hadleigh and Lowestoft

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