Look Alikes

Postal clerk John Richard Smith. Mr. Smith bears an absolutely AMAZING resemblance to my husband! We are not related to anyone on the titanic; however, at the Encyclopedia Titanica, there is a photo of postal[…]

First Hand Tid-bit 2

Here’s another story for your “Believe Ir Or Not!” section: In England, a struggling writer thought it best to write a fictional story about a news-making event. He wrote a story about the largest ship[…]

He Complained

Lookout Fredrick Fleet, before leaving Southampton, England, complained to First Officer Murdoch about a piece of standard equipment he needed to do his job as lookout for icebergs. Murdoch told Fleet to mind his own[…]

The Not-So-Luxurious Titanic

But what was life onboard the Titanic actually like? Not much like taking a cruise today. Traveling on the Titanic was a voyage of purpose, primarily to transport mail, cargo and passengers, many of whom[…]