Children of the Titanic

This Children of the Titanic was started years ago, and it is my hope not only to re-print it here, but to revive it and have people once again adding to the contents of the Children of the Titanic Story.

You don’t have to be related to a person on the Titanic to add what you want to say, but we are hoping for more than simple requests for information. What we are looking for is interesting storys about the Persons on the Titanic, about the Titanic herself, or family history of the people related to someone on the Titanic.

We even have an interesting believe it or not section for the interesting stories that may or may not be fact!

For those of you that are related and looking for information, first I hope you find some here, if not add what you do know and make sure you create an account where people can get a hold of you to give you more information if they have it!

Also please, we would like any additions to the children of the titanic section to be in your own words! If you do quote someone else please list your source!

Please use the contact form below if you would like any additions to the blog.

About This Site

This website relates to the story of the Titanic. The Grand Ocean liner sank during its maiden journey on April 15, 1912. The death toll was 1523 of the 2228 passengers and crew members aboard. There were only 705 that survived. But there is more to the story of the Titanic than just the sinking. There is the connection people feel when they open their hearts to the event. Then there is also the Children of the Titanic, the people that are related to a person aboard the ship. In all reality anyone that feels connected in there heart to the Titanic somehow can be called a "Child of the Titanic". So on that note! Welcome to the site!

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