Titanic Passenger – Milton Clyde Long

My name is Jane Golden. I have always had a facination with the Titanic and the story’s of it’s tragedy’s. I have been told that I am related to another first class passenger Milton Clyde Long. I am not sure it this is correct and am trying to verify this fact. According to my Mother it is on her side of the family and believe him to be my third or fouth cousin. He was 29 years old when he made the voyage. Son of Judge Charles L. Long & Hattie C.Long of Springfield Massachusetts. My Great Great Grandfather (Frances Bayles Read) was is Great Uncle. I have read the account of the final hours written by Jack Thayer and his meeting of Milton. It still gets me to imagine the two of them standing at the side rail near the second funnel to avoid the crowds and the suction they had anticipated as she sank. He account said that they shook hands and wished each other good luck. Milton jumped first,Jack had said I’ll be right with you. In those few seconds that passed for Jack to remove his overcoat and prepare to jump, Milton was gone out of site. Jack said he never saw him again. The book I recieved some of this information from is “TITANIC: A Survivor’s Story” by Col. Archibald Gracie which also contains the brief chapter of “The Sinking of the S.S. Titanic” by John B. Thayer.

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  1. Ashley Drellick says:

    Do you have a family tree? My great grandmother married a Long. I am trying to find out more information about Milton Clyde Long. If you could email me with information that would be appreciated.

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