Titanic Passenger – Richard Henry Rouse

I am trying to help my husband find information about his great-grandfather. His great-grandfather, Richard Henry Rouse, died on the Titanic. He was a third-class passenger that boarded in Southampton. He was from Sittingbourne and was traveling to America for work. His step-daughter, Harriett Maylum, had found him a job in Ohio, so he decided to make the trip. He and his wife, Charity, and their daughter, Gladys, were to travel together, but decided at the last minute that he would travel alone and then send for them once he was settled in. He had been a coal miner, but due to the strike, he was out of work. He tried working other jobs, but was unable to support his family with the wages from those jobs. We know nothing of his life prior to this. We would like to know who is parents were, if he had any siblings, who is wife’s family was and any other information that we could find out about him before he died on the Titanic. It would be interesting to find out what cabin he was in and who he shared the cabin with. Melinda Weaver

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  1. DJ Rouse says:

    I too have been researching Richard Henry Rouse. You might notice I share the name … The family always claimed a relation and I grew up hearing tales of him leaving because of a Coal strike. I have never been able to trace the family roots directly too him BUT I did trace the tree through Ancestry.ca to the same area. Its possible we are related unfortunately the person that was the genealogist in our family died an the records she so cherished of our linage went with her from what I know.

    I HAve heard about as much as you have it seems but if you can keep me posted with what you have it would be wonderful . its one of those old Familly tales that was passed down about a cousin of a great grand father that died on the ship. I WAS however told when he took his wife to see the ship she was overcome with dread and fainted. When she roused she begged him not to go as she was convinced that such a monster of a vehicular would surely sink …

  2. Howard Hulme says:

    Dear Melinda Weaver, cannot help your request directly but the reason I am responding is that by coincidence I went to a Titanic exhibition a few years ago at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. all on entering were handed at random a copy boarding pass with a real passenger’s name on, the one I was given had the name of Richard Henry Rouse. I still have it and and more than happy to post it to you as a sort of momento if you so wish.

  3. Dick Elder says:

    My Grandmother, Catherine ” Kate” Tolhurst was George Maylum’s sister.

  4. Anna Weaver says:

    Hi, we too are related via my dad, Clarence A. Weaver. Is there anyway you can scan the boarding pass. I’d love to show it to my children and to the kids at the school in which I teach.

    Anna Weaver

    • Dick Elder says:

      I don’t have a boarding pass to scan. Sorry. I would like to get some information on the George and Harriet’s children and where they reside.

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