First Hand Tid-bit 2

Here’s another story for your “Believe Ir Or Not!” section:

In England, a struggling writer thought it best to write a fictional story about a news-making event. He wrote a story about the largest ship ever built. The ship was the ultimate tribute towards the intelligence of Man. The ship was over nine hundred feet long, and could substain great damage to its hull. It was declared “unsinkable.” On a cold April night, on the ship’s maiden voyage, it struck and iceburg, on its starboard side, below the waterline. The ship, being declared “unsinkable” did not have enough lifeboats on board. Over fifteen hundred people drowned. Is this a story about the Titanic Disaster? No! This piece of fiction was written in the year 1898. The Titanic sank in 1912. One last, fantastic piece of information. The name of the 1898 fictional ship was the “Titan.” Sometimes, although rarely, fiction can warn us of things to come!

by Donald Allen Kirch

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