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I have a subscriber/follower of the Enchanted Titanic that has sent an email that I would like to share with other subscribers and followers.  It is my hope that someone can help Kath with her search.

George Frederick Crowe, a steward on the Titanic, was either a cousin or uncle of my mother, Julia Crowe. For the past few years, I have been trying to trace what happened to him. He came back to England after the hearing in the American courts. My mother told me that he later emigrated   to America and wrote to say he was going to marry a lady names Julia King. I can only seem to trace him as far back as when he was in New York right after the sinking. I would love to  know if there were any photos taken of the stewards on board Titanic. As this is Titanic’s centennial year, it would be  fantastic to finally trace George Frederick.

Thank you in advance if you can help with this.  To get in touch with Kath you can post your comments here and we will make sure they are forwarded to her.

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Obituary about George F, Crow The westfield Leader. George F Crow of 624 Clark streeet died monday at home after a long illness.. Born in England he had resided here 34 years.He also previously had lived in Staten Island. He was a semi. retired representative for Hawkins and Tipson Ltd. exporters and importers of London and New York. Mr Crow was a member of St. Paul s Epicopal Church. He is survived by his widow.Mrs Marion L. Crow, a daughter Mrs. Kathryn Conrad of Rahwayt, and two grandchildren. The services were yesterday in Gray s with the Rev. Richard J. Hartmann of St. Paul s Epicopal Church officiating. Interment were in Fairview Cemetery.

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  1. I am the great Grandson of George Crowe, though my knowledge is limited, I know my mother knows much more about his life. Feel free to sent me an email.

  2. I am the granddaughter of George Crowe (Matthew’s mom). He married a lady in England, Lydia Catherine, who died in 1916, immediately following the birth of their daughter, also Lydia Catherine. He continued traveling between the US and the UK while his daughter remained in England with an Aunt. George finally married his second wife, Agnes, in New York and became an American citizen. His daughter eventually traveled to New York to join him. George passed away on February 1, 1960 in Westfield, New Jersey. I can tell you that George was a wonderful, loving grandfather whom I adored. He treasured his family and I miss him to this day.
    I have read his testimony given before US Congress on the sinking of that great ship. It is an amazing account.

  3. I am the granddaughter of neighborhood friends of George and Marian Crowe from Westfield, NJ. The Crowes gave my parents an old brass bed from “the family” as a wedding present. I was told as a child that the bed belonged to a survivor of the Titanic and was over a hundred years old. I grew up sleeping on that bed, and now my youngest daughter gets to do the same.
    I never met Mr. Crowe, but I remember visiting his wife in a NJ nursing home when I was a child. She was lovely!
    There might be a photo of the Crowes from one of the family weddings in Westfield. Please let me know if you are interested.

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