Mummys Curse

Do you believe in the Mummy’s Curse??

In 1881 Douglas Murray, of the British Foreign Office in Egypt, Purchased a mummy from the Egyptian government & brought it on board the ship he was sailing back to England. A few nights into the voyage Murray shot himself in the head & died instantly.His assistant took custody of the mummy. He also discovered that while on board all of his businesses all had failed & that & he became bankrupt. Feeling that the mummy had something to do with this & Murrays death, He sold the mummy to a London antiquarian, who immediately presented it to the British Museum. Sir E.A.Wallis Budge world famous Egyptologist & curator of the Egyptian section of the Museum. 1 of the 2 men who carried the mummy into the museum broke his leg, & the other died suddenly the next day. DR. Budge, who had the mummy photographed on its arrival, discovered that the photo unaccountably showed the face of a woman with a terrifying expression of hatred on her face.However DR. Budge was never able to question the photographer because he had died within hours of taking the pictures. Puzzled by all the tragedies surrounding the mummy, He had the wrappings removed & found that the body was the unusually well-preserved corpse of a woman. Careful deciphering of the inscriptions on the mummy’s case revealed that the body was that of a priestess of the god Amon-Ra at Thebes, whose priests & priestesses were renowned for their magical powers. By now the British press had given the mummy a Great deal of undesirable publicity, & this fact, coupled with the disagreeable & often frightening impression the mummy had on museum visitors, made the museum authorities decide to sell the mummy. An American entrepreneur purchased it & had the mummy shipped to the United States shortly thereafter. But the mummy never reached American shores because the ship on which it had been shipped was the S.S. Titanic.

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