Reuters of London reported Titanic sunk by steering mistake

Why after 100 years does a relative of Charles Lightoller make claims that the Titanic was sunk by a steering mistake?  Is this a book promotion or is this really the truth?  This new book claims that the Titanic had plenty of time to dodge out of the way of the fatal iceberg but the collision was down to a helmsman who turned the ship the wrong way. While no one knows why this relative would tarish the reputation of Charles Lightoller this announcement comes as a shock to the Titanic community and more to the relatives of Captain Edward John Smith.

Patten claims “While Hitchins had made a straightforward error, what followed was a deliberate decision. Bruce Ismay, chairman of Titanic’s owner, the White Star Line, persuaded the Captain to continue sailing. ”

This sure sounds like she is blaming the already vilian type Bruce Ismay, but in that she also is tarnishing the Captains reputation.

Is this just a ploy from an author of financial thrillers to get her claim to fame, Well I say Judge for yourself with the original story here:

Titanic sunk by steering blunder, new book claims
and here
The truth about the sinking of the Titanic

1 thought on “Reuters of London reported Titanic sunk by steering mistake

  1. I hate bruce ismay and what really bothered me was that he “persuaded’ captain smith to keep sailing which lead to his death and then smay surviving not staying on the ship to help passengers!

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