Staute of Capt. Smith

There is a sign at the Staute which I will try to read, which was
not easy to do, says Alan

Here is what the Sign reads


Captain of the White Star Liner “Titanic”
The “Titanic” flagship of the White Star Line sank on its maiden voyage to New York on 14th – 15th April 1912 after hitting an iceberg. More than 1500 lives were lost including Commander Smith.
This Staute is made of bronze sits high on a flints of cornish granit.
The sculptor was Lady Kathleen Scott (1870 – 1947) widow of Captain Romn Falcon Scott C.T.O., R.N. (Scott of the Artantic)
The formal unveiling of the statue which took place on 25th July 1914 was by Commander Smith’s daughter in the presence of many distinguished guests including the sculptor Lady Scott
April 1980


This thing I think is interesting is the scupltors name! The name I have gone by for years is the same!!
Lady Kathleen

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