Titanic 2.0: 100 years after the tragedy

We all know the stories of Johnny Appleseed, Jack and Jill and, of course, the Titanic. However, let’s be honest here. Many people never heard the story until James Cameron released his 1997 blockbuster, “Titanic.” So thank you, Mr. Cameron.

The Titanic was hailed as “the unsinkable” and the largest passenger steamship in the world. With 2,223 passengers on board, the supposedly unsinkable ship struck an iceberg, sinking into the deep blue ocean. The outcome of this disaster: 1,517 people died, and only 706 survived.

April 15, 2012, will mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. A 100th anniversary is pretty much a big deal, right? I think so, and James Cameron thinks so. He’s commemorating the anniversary by re-releasing the Titanic on the big screen, but this time in 3D.

But Cameron isn’t the only one paying respects. Several cruise lines are jumping on board, as well.

British travel firm Miles Morgan Travel is currently taking reservations for a “unique” cruise voyage to commemorate the sinking of the Titanic. How unique? The cruise will sail on the exact same route as the Titanic with the same number of passengers on board-serving them the same food, playing the same music, offering mass on Sunday and all the shazzam that went on back in 1912. To top it off, the cruise will make a pit stop at the exact location of the sinking, where there will be a special memorial service.

If that’s not creepy, then I really don’t know what is. The special memorial service sounds great, but everything else sounds tacky.

Who in their right minds would want to re-live the Titanic? Sure, it’s great to learn about the history, and it’s awesome if you’re a huge Titanic junkie. But really?!

First of all, it’s eerie; secondly, it’s disrespectful to the families and the survivors; and finally, it’s not funny or amusing to re-live the suffering and agony of those in the freezing water. At the end of the day, this historical reenactment is hardcore distasteful.

Personally, and call me a baby, but I’m scared to go on cruise ships because of the Titanic. And, I can’t swim. So why in the world would I want to hop on board and re-live everything I read and learned about in books?

Surprisingly, cabins are selling out like hotcakes-tickets of the cruise are starting at $3,900. So, if you’re up for it, go for it. Let’s just pray there isn’t an iceberg waiting at the end.

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