Titanic Crew Member – Arthur Tizard

I lost my great grand father on the Titanic. He was a fireman down in the engine room. My great grandfathers name was Arthur Tizard, he was 32 when he died on the Titanic, and he lived in Southampton, Hampshire England. Jackie Klein (Tizard)

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  1. Hi my name is mark tizard and the family comes from Southampton, my son Arthur has just been to the Titanic exhibition in London and seen that there was an Arthur Tizard on the ship. My grandad James (Jim)worked on the ships then Southampton docks for many years, perhaps we are related?

  2. My Great Grandmother Edith Annie Maud Tizard was the sister of your Great Grandfather Arthur ! I also heard that another brother was due to sail but was taken ill at the last moment. Would love to hear from you…

    1. Jus.hard

      I am Jackie’ brother, also the great grandson of Arthur Tizard. I would love to learn more about our family, as I have very little knowledge. The folklore I have heard is that Arthurs wife, died of a “broken heart” not long after the Titanic went down. That left my granfather, also named Arthur an orphan at a very young age. He and my father have passed, so I am the oldest Tizard left in our family.
      Please let me know how best to correspond to you.

    2. Hi There. I have no other information about my great grandfather and his immediate family. I did hear that our great grandfather was the one that changed our name from Tizzard to Tizard. Also, that his wife died of a broken heart after his death.
      Do you know how many siblings our grand parents had?

  3. Hello everyone. Do you know how many brothers and sisters our Great parents had? I have no other information about my great grandfather. I did hear that he was the one that changed our last name from Tizzard to Tizard. Also that his wife died of a broken heart after she lost our great grand father. I wonder what his brothers name was that was also supposed to go on the Titanic. Anymore information would be wonderful.

  4. Our great grandparents had siblings Caroline, Frederick, Samuel, Ellen, edith, William and Charles. Their parents were Charles and Amelia.
    I don’t know much about the tizards either!
    My gt grandmother Edith Annie maud tizard married Sydney Woolford but he died in 1916 nursing a soldier in the ramc and he caught the same disease. So my grandfather and his sister where left without a father too at a very early age.
    Do u have any photos ??

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