Titanic Crew Member – Brooke Webb

I believe I am a descendant of a first class smoke room steward by the name of Brooke Webb. Tim Webb


Lady Kathleen contacted Dorothy Webb after seeing the brooke Webb name and story in a guestbook and told her about Tim Webb,

This is what Dorothy wrote for her father Hamilton Webb in the guestbook then there is her comments to Lady Kathleen by way of e-mail: First class smokeroom steward, Brooke Webb, was my grandfather. My father told me a great deal about the Titanic and the White Star Line. I have been on the Olympic, sister ship of the Titanic, a number of times and remember her very well. My father was never able to buy a drink on a White Star liner and he crossed the Atlantic on the White Star Line at least once a year. All the stewards recognized him.
Thanks very much for your help! I don’t know Tim Webb, but I’ve written him an email and hope to get to know him. When I was growing up we had a very overblown understanding of our great grandfather’s role on the Titanic. As a child, I believed that he had been the captain. Over the years, he was progressively demoted in our imaginations, to first officer, then to chief steward, and now I find he was a deck steward. It’s nice to know of someone related to the real captain!

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