Titanic Crew Member – Captain Edward John Smith

This is a Section about the Captain of the Titanic, Edward John Smith. It is and will be created from different places and sources.

Captain Smith was an Only Child but he did have a half sister and brother

The Captain’s decentants down stop at Simon & Priscilla as they had no children.

So taking those two facts about Captain Smith, anyone claiming to be related as a direct descendant would be incorrect. The best we have for the dear Captain is that he can be an Uncle or Cousin.

Captain Smith is my Great Great Uncle, as my Grandmother had told me, I have from time to time done some research on this and what I have found I posted at the Enchanted Family Website It time I am sure I will post it here too!

I will be adding to this section and welcome anyone else that has interesting reading about the Captain to post it here too!

As far as genealogy history, I am Kathleen Alice Evans, Daughter of John Phillip Rouse, Granddaughter of Francis Rouse (maiden name of Smith). It was my grandmother that told me the that her Great Uncle that was the Captain of the R.M.S. Titanic which was Edward John Smith. Of course this also makes him a Great Great Grand Uncle of mine (I think I got the greats and grand right) I learned of all this one day while I was at my grandmothers watching a wonderful titanic movie on her television, My Grandmother told me this and at first I did not believe her, so she took me to where she had a bunch of old photo albums showed me some old photos of Captain Smith standing with other members of the family. These were pictures of like family reunions and such. (on a sad note, by the time I grew up and actually understand fully the importance of those pictures, they had already been destroyed in a fire). My Grandmother’s Parents were Leonard L. Smith and Sarah Sadie Smith both born in England they were from the Coventry area and married in 1867.

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  1. Hi, thanks for this information. I am looking into the possibility that my grandfather was the halfbrother or ‘half uncle’ of the captain. His name is John A Smith – came to Canada from England. He mentioned this before dying – so I haven’t been able to validate anything. I don’t know how to find out who the ‘halves’ are…any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the interesting read . I have some information that you might find interesting , I will try to recount it as accurately as possible ,
    As a young child growing up in Bristol in the 70s I would spend a lot of time with my grandmother in Clifton ,
    She had a pleasant three storey terraced house built on a steep street just off the downs , she lived there with my grandfather untill they moved to Leeds in 87 . My grandmother was called Evelyn Mary Morris , later on to be Higgins after she married in 43 . She was very fond of a gin or two . And sometimes when she was flushed with drink and a bit giggly ,she would tell stories of the old days .she had been born in ludlow in 1912. the year the titanic sank ,one story that kept coming back for tellings over the decades , was the story of her mothers affair with captain Edward smith of titanic fame , she said that her mother had had a number of clandestine meetings with captain smith when he was quite a mature gentleman in his sixties.
    If you mentioned this story to her whilst she was sober , it would be met with a severe glare , many years later after my grandmother passed away , my aunty (dr Linda Henderson) did a little family research, and to our surprise it turned out that our dear old grandma had been born and registered two years before her mother met and married the man whome we all thought was her father ,
    It also transpired that my great grandmother had been working in service in a property or buisness premises belonging to captain Edward John smith
    And it was at this time that my grandmother was conceived , you can see how I might believe him to be my great grandfather
    I am keen to dig further into this story , and any questions or more info would be appreciated ,
    Scott price (07925802757)

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