Titanic Crew Member – Ernest Edward Archer

I am the great-grand daughter of Ernest Edward Archer, who was a deckhand on the Titanic. He survived the disaster, being rescued in lifeboat #16. He was born the son of a farm laborer in Romsey Hampshire, in 1876 and died of tuberculosis in 1917, brought on (according to family stories) by the shock and exposure of the sinking. I would be happy to hear from anyone who is a relative of a crew member from the Southampton area. I still live near Southampton. Rose Conway – Upham Hampshire UK

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  1. I also am Great Grandaughter of Ernest Archer, my GrandMother Hilda was his youngest daughter. Our you Grand Daughter to one of his daughters or his sons I think he had two John & Ernest would be great to hear from you,look forward to your reply

    1. my grandmother was hilda smith servant to an archer family in 1900 ny city. looks to be albertstein ? children were a mary +_fracis +ernest i wonder if this is the vsame vfamily i am 80 yrs old .plkease contact me evelyn

    2. hilda smith living in ny with archer family in1900 i believe to be my grandmother she was a servant to archer family ernest was one the chidren, plkease contact me.

    3. I am a cousin to Rosemary but, I live in the United States. My question is to Jacquie if her Grandmother Hilda had any photos of our Great Grandfather Ernest Archer?

      1. In reply to your question about if I have any photos of my Great Grandfather Ernest Archer unfortunately photos were very uncommon & the only one I have found is on Google when I put his details in under Ernest Archer Titanic. One interesting fact that I have found out is that the Captain of the Carpathia Captain Rostron is buried in a cemetry opposite where my mother currently lives in West End, Southampton without him I would not be here toady if he had not rescued their lifeboat as my Grandmother was not born until 1913 also there was a storm just after the rescue which would have meant possibly no survivors.

    4. Hi Jacquie, I read with interest your info on my great grandfather Ernest Edward Archer. Auntie Hilda was very special to me. Who are your parents? I am the grandaughter of Ethel, Hildas sister.
      Please write back with some details Many thanks. Wow I am excited.

      1. Hi Beryl so lovely to hear from you my mum is jean and I believe your mum is Rene who is my mums cousin she sometimes sees your brother Barrry who lives fairly close to us. Mum said that your grandmother & my grandmother were very close do you still live in America so nice to hear from you must keep in touch jacquie McIntyre x

  2. Dear Rose, I too am a great grandaughter of Ernest Edward Archer.
    My grandmother was his eldest daughter Ethel Elizabeth. His other family were Beatrice (Amy) Florence (Eva) Bessie (Hilda) Ernest and John. My great grandmother (his wife) Elizabeth and I spent many times together in Worthing. My mother was Irene Dorothy, daughter of Ethel. I spent many hours with Amy, who lived with Elizabeth, Eva who lived in the Isle of Wight, Hilda who lived in West End, Ernest who lived in Bitterne and John who lived in Woolston.
    Wow, I am so happy to learn of my relatives after all this time.
    Please let me know where you fit into the family tree. Yes I have a photo!

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