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I think I may be related to someone aboard the Titanic. My maiden name is “Barrett” Recently, on one of the MANY Titanic specials on television they mentioned a man with my last name He was one of the men working in the “dungeons” throwing coal (or whatever it is) to fuel the ship. Have you ever heard of him. I looked on a survivor list I found elsewhere on the internet and there was no Barrett listed. He was Head Fireman and was put in charge o Lifeboat #15. So, he was a survivor. Tara Archangelo

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  1. Hi,

    Fred Barrett was a leading fireman in boiler room 6, when that room was over come with water he moved to boiler room 5, where he performed admirably as the disaster unfolded. He escaped Boiler Room 5 as it was flooding and made his way onto deck where he was put in charge of lifeboat 13. As a matter of interest what makes you think you are related to him? Barrett is a fairly common name in the Ireland and the UK.

  2. My mother was a Barrett and would be interesting to know if Fredrick Barrett was any relation. Her family came from Peterbrough…not much known about this side of the family.

  3. Hi guys, Frederick is actually my great great great (& so on) uncle! I found this out from my Nan. It’s possible that you might be related to him. My grandmother’s last name is Richardson and her father’s last name is Davies. Frederick was actually my grandpa’s mother’s brother (confusing, i know) but basically, i’m related to him. My grandpa moved from england to australia when he was a teenager, hence why I was born in Australia.

    So, I guess I can find out for you guys if any of you are related to him. I can ask my nan about it. My email is lauren.in.wonderland@hotmail.com if you want to speak to me about it. πŸ™‚

  4. Pls can u tell me Frederick Barrett was of Irish decent,? My Maiden name is Barrett and we come from limerick. We were always told as kids we had a relative on the Titanic but not sure who? Only Barrett I can find is Frederick would appreciate any info

    1. People moved around for work even then but his BP in some info on line lists it as Liverpool. Barrett (add different vowels on the end) is a ‘flexible’ sort of name here in the USA.

  5. My last name is Barrett too. I can trace the name back to a great-grandfather, Alfred Barrett. I’ve often wondered if I was related to Fred Barrett, I doubt it, but I guess it’s possible…

  6. My father’s name is Frederick Barrett (born in the U.S., 1936).
    HIS father Francis Barrett was born in Wiltshire, England in 1909; and emigrated to the U.S. in 1919 aboard the Carpathia’s sister ship, Saxonia. I noticed the Titanic’s Frederick Barrett was living in Southampton in 1912, just 57 miles from Wiltshire.

  7. My married name is Barrett. I have been working on both my husband’s and my families’ genealogy and have found that be a very common name. While it is possible, I have not found any link as of yet to our Barretts (who were in the London area at that time) to Fredrick Barrett. My daughter hopes I find it as she has alway been interested in anything to do with the titanic. Lauren if your Nan by chance knows his parents names that would help. As the Barrett’s in my husbands family seems to have a lot of kids up until that time.

  8. To anyone wanting a detailed timeline of what Frederick Barrett (among others) was doing in the boiler rooms after the collision, you might be interested in reading:

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