Titanic Crew Member – John Collins

I am the great-niece of John Collins, Assitant Cook, who survived after being washed overboard after all the lifebaots had left. He managed to swim to, and cling onto, “the upset boat”, Collapsible B. He is mentioned quite a bit in Colonel Gracie’s book and testified before the Senate Investigative Committee. He was 17, from Belfast, and it was his first voyage. He survived on the upset boat, Collapsible B, along with Jack Thayer, Colonel Archibald Gracie and Commander Lightoller. I live in Australia. Sinead Williams – Melbourne

1 thought on “Titanic Crew Member – John Collins

  1. My grandfather’s brother John Collins was a Scullion on the Titanic when it sank. He was one of a large family living in Belfast, two of whom worked for the White Star Line, as far as I know. His other brother Paul sailed with the Lusitania at some stage. My grandfather James was a cabinetmaker and he worked on the cabins of the Titanic before it sailed. My grandfather moved to Dublin – he was certainly living there in 1911 with his wife and one son. My father was born in 1912.

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