Titanic Crew Member – Richard Burke

My name is Alison Owen and my Great Great Uncle was a steward aboard the Titanic. His name was Richard Burke (known as Dick Burke). He was my Grandmothers (surname Henderson) Uncle, the whole story I do not know as I am attempting to try and trace his Daughter(who is my Grand cousin), whom I believe is alive today. I know that he was based in Liverpool and that he had just been promoted to Chief Steward, but the crew lists have him down as being a Lounge Attendant, you may think what a promotion, a promotion to his death aboard the R.M.S Titanic.

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  1. Most of us Burke’s came over to the US as prisoners and debtors, with Lord Olglethorpe and settled sout Georgia as a buffer Colony to keep the Spanish in Florida. Most were Irish Prisoners and a tough bunch that did the rowing! Once the endenchured servitude was up, they became rebels and, anctually, intergrated with Cherokee and Creek, and Catawbwa Indians, alot of them mixed, but there was a southern aristocrocy of Burkes. Hence the Largest County in Georgia! 60 miles northwest of Savannah. It was one of the first 3 counties in the Buffer Colony! You needed some Bad Asses to fight the Spanish, and what better than an Irish Debtor?

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