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This is Harold Robert Ranger from Toronto Ontario Canada, originally from Dundas Ontario, I found out late in life from my grandma who was from Black Pool England that there was a Ranger on board and afterreading a number of books found that it was Greaser..Thomas Ranger. I would like to know if there is a way to find if he was related to me in any way. All my family have passed on and I am alone on this adventure.

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  1. Harold although I am only very distantly related to Thomas G Ranger -born 10 Dec 1882 in Southampton – I can send you some photocopies of info on him (or go to http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org/titanic-survivor/thomas-ranger) – I have a distant relative Mary Ranger in Southampton who is also an active family history researcher and she is nearer to him than I am and if you still need help I can put you in touch Incidentally there is a memorial in Southampton England for the crew who lost lives and my mother’s father was the model for the statue regards Wayne Ranger (England)

    1. Mr. Ranger: I am trying to find if there is any family connection to Thomas G. Ranger.

      I have found he was born in Southampton 12/10/1882. It seems his grave (date of death ?) is in Soton or Sotton. I suspect this in the area of Southampton, but do not know.

      I would appreciate any data you or Mary Ranger may have.

      I live in Chama, NM. Retired.

      Many thanks. Dan Ranger

  2. I live in Southampton, and as far as i can tell my family have been in the area for well over a century. My grandfather told us that we had a great great uncle as an Engine Greaser on the Titanic. I have always been told he was born in Southampton and was buried in Southampton but never told a specific place.

  3. Hello,

    He is the second husband of Emma Elizabeth ( was prince when she married him). She was my nan’s nan. He married Isabelle ( his wife before Emma) during / around the time of the titanic. He was in the royal navy before the merchant navy


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