Titanic Crew Member – UnNamed Junior Engineer

My name is Sharon Sinfield and My great grandfather was a junior engineer aboard the Titanic and unfortunately did not survive. My grandmother was only four years old when the Titanic went down so details of her father are very sketchy. Would appreciate any help as have been researching this for quite some time. I have researched it for quite a while but would like to positively establish who he was.We know he was a junior engineer and that he resided in forest gate, London before sailing.We believe that his family also resided in forest gate. He and my Great Grandmother were not married at the time of my Grandmothers birth in 1908. Please, can anybody help us as my father would dearly love to know about his grandfather. My grandmother (child of the engineer aboard titanic) led an unfortunate life, as you can imagine in 1912 growing up without a father.

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  1. Sharon go to http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org then crew engineering you can expand each crew mbrs name (you as you have no surname have to do them all unfortunately) and get details but mostly they give their departing ie boarding port as their last residence but good luck My distant relative was Thomas Ranger who you will see survived on boat 4 taken to Carpathia etc regards wayne

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