Titanic Crew Member – Walter Wynn

Looking for information on Walter Wynn, Quartermaster on the Titanic. He was rescued in lifeboat #9. I’m not sure if Walter Wynn is related or not. My husband’s family was from the England/Wales area and an grand aunt remembers Church St. where this Walter Wynn came from. I viewed a picture of him at the age of approx. 40 and just about fell to the floor to the resemblance to my husband who himself is 40 now. Mary S. Wynn

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    1. laura – i’m writing on behalf of my mother, patricia elizabeth wynn, who is attempting to find out if your great great grandfather is related to her. wynn is her maiden name and her father’s name was edward. any way you could possibly send more information? she doesn’t own a computer, but i could supply you with her contact information, if need be. if so, you would make an old lady extremely happy! thanks so much for your time – it’s much appreciated. laurie

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