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I have been very interested in the titanic, way before the movie came out. I have read and watched movies about it. When i went into a web site..I found out that there was an Archibald Jewell who was a lookout, I was once married to a Vernon Jewell, and subsequently we have children that their surname is Jewell…they would like me to find out for them if it is possible that Archie could be related to them. He was 23 yrs old, from Cornwall…but originally from Southampton. He survived on lifeboat 7, the first lifeboat in the water…after that I have no other information.. I have seen the movie 3 times… however I have read many books on the subject way before the movie. My grandmother used to tell me stories of the titanic….and I can’t recall if she said we had any relatives on there….my grandmother’s married name was Smith!! So maybe we are related in some way!
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I am a historical and genealogical researcher and freelance writer in Florida.

I have been researching Violet Jessop, John Priest and Archie Jewell.
The following are some research notes I have gathered on Archie. ~~ Alice
Archie Jewell

Born Dec. 4, 1888 in Cornwell, England

His parents – John Jewell (1855 – Jan. 20,1936) Born in Cornwell – – died in Bude, Franklin, Mississippi ??? (I’m really unsure of this and it needs further checking) and Elizabeth Hopper (1856 ? – April 9, 1891 in childbirth) John Jewell was a sailor.

Archie’s Siblings: Albert, Clara, John Henry (1877 – 1967), Ernest W. (1880 – 1958), Richard (1881 – 1955), Elizabeth (1884 – 1962),and Orlando (1885 – 1965),
Archie went to sea about 1903. In 1904 joined the White Star Line.
Archie – first served aboard Oceanic for about 7-8 years during which time he married Elizabeth ‘Bessie’ Heard in 1915, also a native of Bude, Cornwell and they at 50 Bond Road, Bitterne Park, Southampton, Hampshire.

Archie (Archibald) Jewell was one of 6 of the lookout men on the Titanic. His duty time was 8 pm to 10 pm. In the crow’s nest. At 11:20 pm when the ship hit the iceberg, Archie was in his cabin berth. He was on board the Titanic on the night of 14 April, 1912, and his testimony and writings to one of his sisters describe the horror of watching the great ship sink and hearing the cries of passengers drowning in the icy seas. He was on lifeboat # 7.

Four years later, Jewell survived the sinking of the Britannic.

He died in April 17, 1917 when the SS Donegal was hit by a torpedo in the English Channel. On the Donegal – ship had an encounter with a German submarine on 1 March 1917 but escaped damage as it was able to outdistance the enemy. However, on 17th April, 1917 the ship was torpedoed by a German submarine without warning 19 miles south of the Dean Light Vessel in the English Channel and was sunk. Archie lost his life aged 28 along with 10 other crew members and 29 of the wounded soldiers. One of the survivors was John Priest.

His pay on the Titanic – 5 pounds to be a outlook

Archie Jewell’s son — Raymond Hope Jewell — born 1916 — died Dec. 10, 1930 – age 14
Archie’s wife — Bessie Jewell (Elizabeth — 1889 – 1962)
They had married Aug. 24, 1915.

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  1. My daughter found out about Archie Jewell and now we are wondering if there might be some kind of a family tie . We are looking for any information that we can find . My fathers name was Russell Dean Jewell my grandpa and grandmas names were Ford and Ruth Jewell . Don’t know much about my family history but I am curious . Grandpa , grandma and father all gone now .

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