Titanic Passenger – Arthur Gee

My great grandfather was Arthur Gee and sailed on the ship. I know very little about him other than that it was a business trip to Mexico and sadly, like Capt Smith his last trip before retirement. I only presume that as a gift the company paid for Arthur to sail first class, unless he was somewhat richer than I. Arthur Gee was a 1st class passenger He did not survive, but was picked up by one of the death ships floating in the sea in his dinner jacket, wearing overcoat. Martin Gee

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  1. hi there, i am looking for some information on the family of arthur h gee who unfortunately died on the titanic. i am from a family of gee’s living in the west midlands (uk) and am interested in any links that we may have. gee still seems to be quite an unusual name here and would love to hear from others. many thanks, nicky

  2. Hi Martin

    In about 1996 I nursed a patient, a lady of about 100 years old, and as my small son was into the Titanic ? the wreck had been filmed on TV ? I asked her if she remembered the sinking. She said she certainly did, and that she sadly knew someone who had drowned in it, a Mr Gee, who had been once engaged to her sister, but she had broken it off. I read from your history of your ancestor that he was married with children, so I can only assume this was many years before, and that this lady?s sister was older, to account for it. This was before the internet and I rushed to the bookstore to verify the name, and low and behold there he was! I hope this snippet adds to your history of Mr Gee, sad as it all is. Regards, Christina Somerville.

  3. Hi Martin (Gee?), are you the same Martin Gee whose name has been mentioned on a few atricles I have seen written about Arthur? I have a few Gee’s in my family tree and curiosity has got the better of me! My niece was doing a school project about the Titanic and I was helping and stumbled across the surname Gee! It’s possibly a long shot but I also noticed a Brian Ticehurst giving information and I also have Ticehursts in my family tree, are you on genes reunited or facebook? I have an extensive family tree on the genes website, If you could get in touch with me via there I could give you access to my tree and you could hopefully take a look and see if there may be a connection? Yours hopefully, Trudie

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