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I am related to Titanic passenger(survivor)Ellen Bird,who was the maid of Isador and Ida Straus.She was on lifeboat #8, I think. I too am doing genealogical study and a search for further info. on Ellen. All relatives born before me are from Ireland and England.

Valerie Bird-Dominguez

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Hi there, I am related to Ellen Bird and Denise Torney, who has been researching the Bird family tree. My maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Frances Patricia Bird. Would love to find out more about Ellen’s siblings as I must be related to Ellen through one of them!

Thanks Jacqui

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  1. Hello Valerie, I too am related to Ellen, she is my Great Auntie, her eldest Sister Sarah is my Grandmother.
    How are you related to Ellen?
    Best Regards

  2. Hello Irene

    I too am related to Ellen – though very distantly. I have been doing the bird family history for a number of years now and would love more info on Ellen and her siblings. Is this something you are able to help me with please?
    I would love to hear from you.
    Kindest Regards

    1. Dear Denise,
      I have come across this site whilst searching for data about my Great Aunt Ellen Bird.
      Her sister Eliza was my grandmother. She died in 1943, a few months before I was born.
      I have researched the Bird family from Old Buckenham, Norfolk and have information about them and some of their ancestors.
      My wife and I life in South Devon in England and have visited Old Buckenham.
      I would love to here from you regarding the information that you have discovered.
      Best wishes,
      Distant Cousin, Bob

  3. Hi Irene, Denise and Bob
    Just come across this site. I have several treasured items that belonged to Ellen and her mother. I have been trying to find time to research the Bird family, the ‘Bird Cage’ in Old Buckenham etc relative to the ephemera in my collection. I have personal letters / cards written by Ellen, when she was first offered her appointment with the Strauss family, her travel arrangements to Southampton, when in New York, etc, several family photos (I am not convinced the one photo of Ellen which appears on several internet sites is actually Ellen, it appears few if any actually know what she looked like, I have several portraits – she was a beautiful lady!), items from Maceys etc, a highly emotive drawing she made when (I believe) little Douglas Spedden was killed, a picture of her husband Edward Beattie and cousin Mary from Derby….etc. By possessing these itemsand trying to find time between heavy work commitments to research them, I feel I have become very close to Ellen, only wish I had more time for research. I would like to know much more about the Bird family, perhaps we could help each other in exchange of information. I have been collecting Titanic related items for some time now, initiately for investment for later auction entry, but have found that I have got so involved with stories of the individuals concerned that I am reluctant now to part with many items, including those of Ellen which are very special.
    Kind regards

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