Titanic Passenger – Ellen Toomey

Recently, I discovered that there was a woman on the Titanic by the name of Miss Ellen Toomey. I believe she may be a relative of mine, considering the name “Toomey” isn’t very common, and certainly wasn’t in 1912. All I know about Miss Toomey is that at age 50, she boarded the Titanic at Southampton in 2nd class, and was headed for Indianapolis, IL. She escaped in lifeboat #9. Colleen Toomey

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  1. This is my grandmothers cousin. My mothers family is the Delany family and they lived in Indiana for many years. Im not sure about you and I’s relations, but I’ll ask around.


    Nicholas Visconti Delany

    1. Ellen Toomey and Catherine Delaney were sisters and they had another sister in Indianapolis – a Sr Bruno. My Great Grandmother was another sister, Mary Anne Toomey living in england where Ellen was visiting them before she bored the titanic in Southampton. This family of Toomeys came from Kilcornan in Co. Limerick but Toomey is a common name here in Ireland. We are probably related and I would love to document the family connections.

  2. Hi. As far as I know, Ellen Toomey was originally a 1st class passenger on another ship but owing to a coal strike, she was moved onto Titanic as 2nd class passenger. She survived and there is a short interview on the web she gave when she arrived back in the USA. Sadly, she died a spinster as far as we know and dedicated her life to God.

  3. Toomey was a common Irish name and also exists as Twomey. You may find you are also related to the Kennedys as in JFK. On a more controversial note, Toomeys and Twomeys have been directly linked with the Irish troubles.my grandfather informed us about Ellen but sadly he had a book stolen with his notes shortly before passing away but there is much info on the web.

    1. Paul,

      The oldest Toomey in my family tree is Michael Toomey born in Ireland came to the USA about 1866. He lived in Bartholomew County, Indiana.
      He was born about 1810 and died about 1880

      Some of his children and other relatives lived in Indianapolis


  4. Hi Colleen, I too have a relative Ellen Toomey that was a survivor of the titanic and on her way to family in Indianapolis. Ellen was my grandmother’s cousin. She left from Ireland and visited with family in England before boarding the ship in Southampton. I am not sure about the connection but my grandmother’s mother was a Toomey so I presume that Ellen was a niece?


  5. my name is ellen toomey. I am 53 and also could be a relative. I saw the titanic sho in Boston – although I have done complete research on my mothers side- it is my dad’s side that came from ireland- like to know how to find out more…

  6. my name is ellen mary toomey. I would like to try to find out if i am related. my dads family and parents were born in ireland. how can i find out if we are related?

  7. My grandmother was Lucy toomey and she had a sister called ellen toomey. I dont know if there is a connection. I would be interested to find out

  8. My name is Ellen Toomey. My father is from Forest Hills in Queens. His mothers surname was Mary Barry. My dads name is Eugene Vincent Toomey.

    I wonder if I am related. I was born in 1958.

  9. I too have Toomey relatives from Indiana. I would love to share information on my family tree. My Toomey came to the USA about 1860’s from Ireland. Patrick Toomey born 1846, Catherine Toomey 1849, Colleen Toomey 1852, Mary Toomey 1853, Margaret Maggie Toomey 1856, Norah Sarah Toomey 1859


    Creeden, Tuomey, Twoomey

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