Titanic Passenger – Emma and Samuel Risien

My name is Laura Myhre from Portland, Oregon. I am the great, great granddaughter of Emma and Samuel Risien who were third class passengers on the Titanic. I have a framed postcard from them to their son, Charles Risien, written on March 30, 1912 from Southampton. They write about sailing on the Titanic and they are not sure what day they will depart because coal is very scarce. According to my grandmother, they were bringing back diamonds from a family diamond mine in Johannesburg, South Africa and sailed third class so as not to draw suspicion to their heavy luggage.

2 thoughts on “Titanic Passenger – Emma and Samuel Risien

  1. Do you have any pictures of Emma and/or Samuel you will share? Also, do you know if anyone ever referred to Samual as Jacob or if Jacob was a relative?

    Sandy Harrington

    1. I wrote this post about 10 years ago and just came across your question by chance. We do have pictures of Samuel and Emma and I believe Jacob was a brother perhaps. My mom just wrote a book about Samuel and Emma that I will be picking up at Easter and it has all the detailed information and pictures. Feel free to email me after and I’ll try to get you a copy. Thanks! Laura Myhre Baldwin

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