Titanic Passenger – Frederick R. & Marion (Stauffer) Kenyon

My ancestors Frederick R. Kenyon and his wife Marion (Stauffer) Kenyon were on the Titanic. They had been touring Europe and when a friend needed help back in the states they booked passage on the the Titanic from Southampton. Because of the coal shortage they changed from their original plans to sail on the George Washington. They celebrated an anniversary while on the Titanic but I don’t know how many years it was. When the ship hit the iceberg Frederick put Marion on a lifeboat and refused to go before women and children. Frederick did not survive but Marion did. Sadly she was to loose the baby she was carrying that would have been their first child. It truly was a horrible tragedy for everyone on board and their families. I am obsessed with finding more about Frederick and Marion’s lives. Frederick has no one living from his immediate family and I have been searching for any relatives of Marion’s that may be alive I can contact. I know that she had a sister Mrs. George P. Baldwin from Oak Park, Chicago From: ; Deb Silva

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  1. hi
    i noticed this on a website i was surfing….. i have known of frederick r kenyon for years……. i am from southington ct…..i first became aware of him and the titanic connection in high school…….there is a plaque to him in the old high school library……a few years later i stumbled on a cemetary site in town that is the kenyon family and a small monument to frederickand the titanic in the plot…… it is only a couple miles from my house…..im wondering if there is any info in our town about them
    hope to talk to you

  2. My grandfather was Alfred Kenyon who once resided in Youngstown, OH. However the family is from parts of the NE. I believe Alfred and Frederick are related and I am searching to find out how they are related.

  3. My father was Thomas Delton Kenyon and his grandfather was we believe Harry Ray Kenyon from South Dakota. We do know that we had a realtive from late 1700’s or early 1800’s that was Zebulon Kenyon from New York. Kenyon is not a common name so I believe the Titanic couple are related to us in some way. My brother is in possession of an old family bible that has names recorded that go way back to Zebulon. I’d love to hear from anyone with the last name of Kenyon.

  4. My husband is a first cousin 3x removed of Frederick Kenyon. Frederick was his Great great great grandfather’s nephew. We have just learned of this connection and were quite amazed.

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