Titanic Passenger – Jack Thayer

My name is William Thomas Thayer, son of Joseph Eugene Thayer, & grandson of Jack Thayer from Strawberry, Pennsylvania. I don’t know if the Jack Thayers (Father & Son) were my family or not but I plan on looking into it for sure. The passenger list records them as being from Haverford, PA. My family is not very close. The Thayers on the Titanic were on the first class passenger list. The father died but the son was 17 and survived with his mother Merriam. -Bill Thayer, Dallas, TX


Hello, I first must tell you that our family has bookmarked your wonderful site about the Titantic! My son is only 8, but has more knowledge of the Titanic than probably most adults. He reads every book he can get his hands on to learn even more. I am also interested in finding out if my daughter (from my first marriage) is anyone related to Jack Thayer, a first-class passenger. Can you please direct me how I would find this information. Her father has told her that Jack Thayer was an uncle somehow, but I don’t really believe that he knows that for certain. However, my daughter is extremely interested in learning the truth. Any information that you may have would be much appreciated. If you need any further information from me, feel free to just ask. I will provide you with as much information as I can. Thanks for a wonderful site! Donna Conner

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