Titanic Passenger – John and Nelle Pillsbury Jnyder

My name is Sargent Snyder Johnson I am the great grandson of John and Nelle Pillsbury Snyder who where on their honeymoon aboard the Titanic and survived. I have heard my Great grandmother tell the story many times and even have a recording of what she recalls. I have read that they were in lifeboat #7 but am not certain.

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My father and grandfather both worked for the Pillsbury family of Minnesota, my grandfathers office was between Phillip and and another son of the Pillsbury that were in charge of the company probably 40s and 50s. My father said that there was a nephew of the Pillsburys (I do not believe is related to the persons stated as Pillsbury/Jader on your list but that this Pillsbury member survived and worked there but that his wife did not. It was said that he would not talk about it and of course being gentlemen of that era no one questioned him directly that I heard. Just that he was ashamed that he survived and she did not.

Nancy Castro

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  1. When I was in college at one of my professors played that tape your grandmother made. Tonight, I was watching a Titanic show on cable tonight and searched the name Pillsbury. I remember your grandmother saying that once she heard who the captain was (Edward Smith) she didn’t want to get on the ship because she had had a bad experience with him as a captain before. Am I remembering this correctly? After all, it was about 30 years ago when I heard the tape. Is the tape available to listen to?

  2. My mother tells the story that her father and mother were returning from Romania and was suppose to board Titanic in Frances. but the train was 12 hours late and they missed the boat. They were at sea on another ship when they got the news. I have often wondered what my grandfather would have none knowing the gentleman he was, would he have given his seat to a woman on the lifeboats. But I’m glad the train was late and I got to grow up with my grandfather.

  3. Correction: John Pillsbury Snyder married Nelle Stevenson. They became Nelle and John Snyder. Pillsbury was John Snyder’s middle name. Therefore he would remain John Pillsbury Snyder, and my grandmother became Nelle Stevenson Snyder or Mrs. John Pillsbury Snyder, not Nelle Pillsbury Snyder. As a couple they would be informally referred to as Nelle and John Snyder, and formally Mr. And Mrs. John Pillsbury Snyder.

    Charlotte Miller
    Granddaughter of Nelle and John Snyder
    Daughter of Susan Pillsbury Snyder and Rowley Miller (Susan Snyder Miller and Rowley Miller, aka. Mr and Mrs. Rowley Miller). My mother, Susan, was the third child of Nelle and John Snyder. Her two older brothers were named John Pillsbury Snyder Jr. And Thomas Stevenson Snyder.

  4. Hello. I’m a huge Titanic enthusiast. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of research on the first class passengers, and was wondering if you had any stories that your grandmother told you about her experience on the ship. Is it true she wasn’t happy that Smith was the captain? Did she like the ship itself? Who did she make friends with?

  5. Hello Charlotte Miller Forsythe,

    Can you give me any information about the Rowley Miller who married Susan Pillsbury Snyder ?

    There may be a connection with our Miller family, in which Rowley Millers have occurred frequently. You may well know the history of the family concerned. If not, we may be able to inform you.

    Victor J. Miller

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