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I was looking through the passenger list of the RMS Titanic and I ran across a name that might be of some relation to me. The name was Katie McCarthy. By her name was an asterik so I assume that she survived the wreck or is still living. I was hoping that I might be related to her. I doubt it but it is worth a shot. The only McCarthy’s that I know of in my family are Henry McCarthy who married a lady with the last name of Scwartz. They married and lived in Iowa, near Stacyville I believe. They had many children whom one of them is my grandmother, Marian McCarthy. Marian married my Grandfather Clem Pitzen who recently passed away in 1992. I apologize for the lack of information but I hope this will help.
Thank You!
Sincerely, Julie Pitzen a Titaniac!!!

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  1. Hi Julie

    I am not sure if you could be related to my relative Catherine (Kate) McCarthy who survived the Titanic. She was on her way to USA to join her sister who had married an American – and had started a business. So I am not sure the McCarthy name would ( because of sister’s marriage ) would have continued the McCarthy name from that link.

    Having said that, the McCarthys who went to USA were numerous. Some to avoid the tragic potato famine and the land-grab back to put pis on (bacon/ham being the new meat preference)

    Fiona (McCarthy) Kendall

    1. Hi Fiona,
      My husband’s grand aunt was Katie McCarthy of Tipperary, Titanic survivor. She was one of a group of three from a small parish outside Cahir (Co. Tipperary) travelling together, the only one to survive. She, like all the other survivors, had a remarkable story.

      Yesterday, on the centenary of the disaster, we dedicated a plaque in their honour on the building that once housed the White Star Line ticket agency in Cahir, where they bought their tickets. We also had a Mass for the victims in their parish church, followed by a laying of wreaths on the family graves. And to end a day that was pretty solemn and moving, we had an “American Wake” in a pub owned by the grand nephew of another member of the group. It was an amazing evening where people got together and told stories that had been passed down through two generations. It was like the Titanic three were among us, bringing family and neighbours together.

      Our Katie McCarthy was going to New Jersey to meet her brother John and sister Mary (married name Woolnough.) She met and married John Croke, also from Tipperary, in 1914 and returned to Ireland in 1920 to live out her life. They had no children but raised two of my husband’s aunts. One is still living and participated in yesterday’s commemoration ceremony.

      The other aunt asked me several years ago to help her track down the American side of the family – the children/grandchildren of Katie’s brother John and sister Mary. I never got around to it and Norah has since passed away.

      So, Fiona, if Kate McCarthy, survivor of the Titanic, was your relative, are you related to John McCarthy of Guttenberg, New Jersey (1912)? Wouldn’t it be cool if you are!

  2. I guess most everyone saw the movie “Titanic.” and enjoyed it , however, toend my curiousity, ws there ever a love story connected to this movie at all?

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