Titanic Passenger – Marie Grice Young

My personal Titanic quest is information on Marie Grice Young. I am not related to anyone on the Titanic so I have adopted her. She was a school teacher in first class who went all over the ship, into the kitchen and cargo holds, but neither her name nor her memoirs are mentioned anywhere in any of the books, videos, and documentaries that have come out. I am trying to rectify that by making a web site for her. I put the article she wrote up on the web and the next day someone actually searched for her and mine was the only page that came up! This fellow’s great uncle had had her for a second grade school teacher and they were trying to find out if she had really been on the ship.

Miss Marie G. Young, Former Music Teacher at the White House,
Rescued From the Titanic, Describes the Sufferings of Some of the Survivors in the National Magazine, October 1912 Titled “LEST WE FORGET”

You can read the article at this website http://members.tripod.com/~MindHarp/young.html

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