Titanic Passenger – Mary Power

I know for sure that I am related to someone that died on the Titanic. She was “Mary Power,” a young (probably 17-20 yr old) woman who got on the ship at Cobh in Ireland with her new husband. They were probably going to emigrate to the States. “Power” was her maiden name, and we are not sure what her married name was, although she can only be one of about three on the passenger list for the people who boarded the ship at Cobh.I am trying to find out more about her, e.g why she was emigrating and that sort of thing. I would like to hear of similar stories of people who are trying to trace more details of their long-lost relatives who died on this ship. My family now lives in New Zealand so although it is a bit hard to use some of the more traditional genealogy methods when you don’t live in the country of your origin, the Internet is a great tool and one that I am relying on. Ruth

2 thoughts on “Titanic Passenger – Mary Power

  1. i dont know what it is but for the last few years ive felt as if titanic was a part of me i have always known about the titanic but its interest never took such a strong toll in my life and im proud to call myself a child of the titanic.

  2. I’m also fascinated in the Titanic and want to know if anyone has information about a fascinating young, rich woman Edith Corse Evans who died on the Titanic from NYC where I live.

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