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My Grandmother told me she is related to a Matthew Hoffman, Titanic passenger. As the story goes, Mr. Hoffman ran away with his two children Lota/Loto and Louis, leaving the children’s mother (name unknown at this time) desperate and grief stricken. Mr. Hoffman did not survive, but his children did! Evidently, they had been sent back to live with their mother. I would like to know who the mother was, locations/etc. If anyone out there knows anything about this family or connections to this family, please contact me!! As we all know, life is short, and time goes rather quickly. I want to provide my Grandmother with facts, before she is too “tired” to understand.


Dear Eva,
I don’t know how reliable my source of information is but, I just read a book called “a night of the sunken city” by a Georgian writer David Turashvili. According to this writer Mr Matthew Hoffman, a passenger of titanic with two sons, was in fact an Irish man called Patrick O’Leary (don’t know if that’s the right way to spell his name). He was hiding his real name for political reasons. He had been travelling to Tbilisi, GEorgia for a few years before Titanic incident, where he met his wife, Sophio Metreveli. After they got married in Tbilisi, due to political turbulence in Georgia, the couple had to leave Georgia and settle down in Nice, France. They had two sons. His wife was suffering from home sickness and did not want to go with him and the kids to America, So Mr. Hoffman (O’Leary) took his kids and left for America on Titanic. After the disasterous incident, they kids survived and they were sent back to France to their mother, who took them back to Tbilisi, Georgia.
I would like to hear from you please let me know how much, in your opnion, does this story coincide with the one you knew. My e-mail address is: loladzenino@yahoo.co.uk
Please get in touch – I will be waiting.



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  1. I was on yahoo and i saw the story of the little boy that was now re-identified for the like the fourth time and then i got curious about who was on that ship. So i googled the titanic passenger list and as I was reading through the list i found exactly this : Hoffman, Mr. and two children (Loto and Louis). This kind of excited and scared me a little , for one reason and one reason only. My grandmothers maiden name is Hoffman. I have always been curious about where i came from and my family roots. Nino’s story of how he was originally an Irish man would make sense to me …. because I’m half Irish. I have tried FamilySearch.org and found a Louis L Hoffman who was married to Bertha M Hoffman. Bertha is a very common name in my family. My great grandmother and my great great grandmother had that name and I am pretty sure there are more named Bertha. Louis and Bertha had a daughter named Beatrice L Hoffman. From my research I believe that I am correct.

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