Titanic Passenger – Mr. Phillip J. Stokes

My father is doing some geneology research and came across a couple of names from our family on the passenger list. We are trying to find out if these individuals are related. Mr. Phillip J. Stokes (2nd class passenger, did not survive). First class passengers – Mrs. A.T. Compton, Miss. S.P. Compton (both survived and were rescued in Lifeboat #14 I believe) and Mr. A.T. Compton who did not survive. Some time ago I found a site which included a list of those buried in the various cemetary’s at Halifax, I have tried finding it to see if perhaps Phillip Stokes might be buried there, thinking this would be a way to trace a possible familial link to no avail, Elisabeth Wadman

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  1. Tell me if you find anything out! Mr. Philip Joseph Stokes was a family member of mine on my father’s side. It would be nice to learn a little more about him.

  2. My late husband was related to Phillip Stokes. His grandmother was
    Rosamund Stokes Snedden of the UK. I have a copy of a newspaper
    clipping about Mr. Stokes death on the Titanic. The headline is,
    ” Fiancee’s Letter Arrives but Fiancee Never Will. I need to locate
    the article but have had it for many years.

    1. My father was Horace Alfred Stokes youngest child of Philip and Sarah Stokes whose eldest child was Philip (drowned on the Titanic).

      My Aunt Rosamund and her sister Auntie Joan went to America in the 1930’s , I believe Aunt Rosamund had a daughter called Sally and owned a hotel called the Marie Antoinette either in Detroit or Fort Lauderdale. Auntie Joan married Heath who had daughter from a previous marriage called Joy who visited England and stayed with my parents whilst studying in the UK during the 1930’s.

      There were 8 children in the Stokes family and Albert was married to a Belgian girl who he met whilst serving in the Army during the 1914-18 war and they lived in Catford, South London. Lillian ( another of the 8 children) was my Godmother and died in the UK.

      The Stokes family lived at 5, Medusa Road Road, Catford, South London , SE6 and my Uncle Albert lived in the house until he died.

      Interested to hear of any further information you may have on the Stokes family. Look forward to hearing from you.

      Lorna Brown

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