Titanic Passenger – Mrs. Kyrill Schabert

First let me introduce myself. I’m Francis Smith from Mobile, AL. I’m an amateur genealogist who’s been researching my family for quite a number of years. My wife and I subscribed to the “TITANIC” mail list about a month ago and have enjoyed it very much. One day, about three weeks ago I was looking over the crew and passenger lists when I ran across a name that flashed a red light. I saw the name “Philip E. Mock” (sometimes it is spelled Phillip E. Moch.) Philip was traveling with his sister “Mrs. Kyrill Schabert to the U.S. Both were first class adult survivors of the Titanic disaster, and both were on lifeboat No. 11. I have been searching for them ever since, but to no avail. I have a Great great grandmother who was a Mock from Lowndes Co., AL. Her full name was Martha Ann Mock, and was married to my Great great grandfather Bolin Smith. Bolin was born in 1811 and Martha 1828. Martha’s father Benjamin N. Mock, Jr. died Nov. 7, 1848 in Lowndes Co., AL, and from the Mock files is this document regarding the settlement of his estate: “On 14 Jun 1853 David A. Steel as administrator of the estate of BENJAMIN MOCK, Jr. filed his account current for the final settlement of BENJAMIN MOCK’s administration of Elias Bonnell’s estate. Next of kin and distributees of Elias Bonnell, to wit Stephen Bryan, and the said BENJAMIN MOCK in right of his wife Mary Mock, who are brother and sister of said Elias Bonnell.” From this I would assume that Mary Bryan Mock and Stephen Bryan are half siblings (or possibly step siblings) of Elias Bonnell. Also, if Matilda Bryan Mock is a sibling of Mary, then she is also a half sibling of Elias Bonnell. This might help to explain why Elias was chosen as trustee for Matilda and why BENJAMIN, Jr. and Mary named a child after him. Benjamin and Mary named one of their children Elias Bonnell Mock (my Great Great grandmother’s brother.) My Great Great grandparents (Bolin and Martha) had four children, and one of them they named Elias Bonnell Smith (my Great grandfather.) What I would like to know is, who was this Elias Bonnell that everyone was so fond of to have their children named after him? Francis Smith

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