Titanic Passenger – Percy Bailey

My mother Grace Bailey Cooke told me long ago that her father went down on the Titanic. His name was Percy Bailey. A person by that name was listed as a 2nd class passenger. Her mother passed away a year later in NYC. My mother told me that she later worked for Elizabeth Arden in NYC, and also Prince Machabelli in NYC in the late 1930’s. She was married to Nealand Spencer Cooke and had a sister in NYC married to Robert Hoag and I believe resided on Kingsbridge Ave in the Bronx. Brian Cooke

1 thought on “Titanic Passenger – Percy Bailey

  1. I am the Grandson of Nealand S. Cooke I would like to know more. Nealand S. Cooke passed away March 1986 and Brian Cooke SR passed away on December 20, 2009. There is evidence that Percy Baily is related to my Grandfathers wife’s (Grace) side of the family and also Percy is kin to Ringling Bros and PT Barnum Circus. I would like to know is anyone can help to colaborate this.

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