Titanic Passenger – Peter Sjoholt

I thought you all might be interested in reading part of a letter concerning a 3rd class passenger, Peter Sjoholt. He as one of my grandmothers (Karen Abelseth) travelling companions on the voyage. His sister as one of my grandmothers friends. “I met a 101 year old lady……in Alesund…..But her brother, Peter, died on the Titanic……He couldn’t swim, so he jumped in the sea just before the ship sank. Since then Olaus (Abelseth) never saw him again. She still cries over her dear brother’s death. Still she dreams that he comes back from the dark sea. She told me that it’s even worse now than it ever has been. She also told me that her brother didn’t want to go to America, but his parents made him go because there was no job for him in Sjoholt. It must have been a terrible feeling of guilt for the parents, who never talked about the accident on the ship.” Peter was 19 years old

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