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First let me introduce myself. I’m Francis Smith from Mobile, AL. I’m an amateur genealogist who’s been researching my family for quite a number of years. My wife and I subscribed to the “TITANIC” mail list about a month ago and have enjoyed it very much. One day, about three weeks ago I was looking over the crew and passenger lists when I ran across a name that flashed a red light. I saw the name “Philip E. Mock” (sometimes it is spelled Phillip E. Moch.) Philip was traveling with his sister “Mrs. Kyrill Schabert to the U.S. Both were first class adult survivors of the Titanic disaster, and both were on lifeboat No. 11. I have been searching for them ever since, but to no avail. I have a Great great grandmother who was a Mock from Lowndes Co., AL. Her full name was Martha Ann Mock, and was married to my Great great grandfather Bolin Smith. Bolin was born in 1811 and Martha 1828. Martha’s father Benjamin N. Mock, Jr. died Nov. 7, 1848 in Lowndes Co., AL, and from the Mock files is this document regarding the settlement of his estate: “On 14 Jun 1853 David A. Steel as administrator of the estate of BENJAMIN MOCK, Jr. filed his account current for the final settlement of BENJAMIN MOCK’s administration of Elias Bonnell’s estate. Next of kin and distributees of Elias Bonnell, to wit Stephen Bryan, and the said BENJAMIN MOCK in right of his wife Mary Mock, who are brother and sister of said Elias Bonnell.” From this I would assume that Mary Bryan Mock and Stephen Bryan are half siblings (or possibly step siblings) of Elias Bonnell. Also, if Matilda Bryan Mock is a sibling of Mary, then she is also a half sibling of Elias Bonnell. This might help to explain why Elias was chosen as trustee for Matilda and why BENJAMIN, Jr. and Mary named a child after him. Benjamin and Mary named one of their children Elias Bonnell Mock (my Great Great grandmother’s brother.) My Great Great grandparents (Bolin and Martha) had four children, and one of them they named Elias Bonnell Smith (my Great grandfather.) What I would like to know is, who was this Elias Bonnell that everyone was so fond of to have their children named after him? Francis Smith

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  1. Francis:
    I have an ancestor named Elias Bonnell Hilbun, and our Hilbuns were in Lowndes Co., AL from about 1820- 1850. Prior to that our ancestor Frederick Hilbun lived in Burke County, GA (1788- 1818 or so) and one of his neighbors was a Peggy Bonnell. I also am trying to find out our connection. I suspect Fred’k’s 2nd wife was a Bonnell or a Bryan. Joy

    1. Hi I have a sort of weird ? My girlfriend is searching for her birth father and we can not seem to find him I’ve been at it for months. Here is the info I have her biological father was from mobile Alabama and his grandma was on the titanic and was roughly 3 yrs old when it sank and she survived her name was Mary. We have no last name her biological fathers name is David Green and that’s all we know please help us solve the puzzle they are all from mobile if that helps please let me know at cdundov@yahoo.com thank you so much

  2. Titanic and Lifeboat # 11 passenger Mr. Phillip Mock is listed as saving many of the children passengers in Lifeboat # 11 during the sinking. He later is reported to have married Miss Allyce Erhman, a native of Clanton, Chilton County, Alabama.

  3. Hi, first of all let me introduce my self Im Nayel Moch and I live in Mexico, I was told that a relative of my grandfather travelled in the Titanic and for many years I have been looking for it, I was really amazed to get to this page beacuse when I saw that mock sometimes is spelled moch as well I was wondering if you were able to find more information about him and actually I was told that they were two one died and the other one survived.
    Im leaving you my email in case you have more information I really appreciate your inforamtion.
    Nayel (Mexico)

  4. I found out this week that Phillip E Mock is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Birmingham in the Erhman lot (Block 9, Lot 57). I’d be interested in any information that you can share on Mr. Mock. I will check today to see if he has a marker. If so, would you like to have a photograph of it?

  5. My birth surname is Mock and my grandfather was Frederick Mock. He was born in Barnstaple, Devon before meeting my grandmother. He lived and died in Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1979.
    Could my grandfather have been related, in any way, to Philip E. Mock?

  6. Hi!!! My name’s Maria and my last name is Moch and we have been told that some of our relatives used to spell the last name with a K but that there’s a relation between the two last names…. Would love to know more about the family!!! Also we have many relatives with the first name as Edmund so I just think it’s too much of a coincidence!

  7. Hi,
    First of all thanks for anwering my question.

    I would love to this the photograph!!

    The only question that remains on my mind is the ortografic difference between Moch and Mock I know is just one letter but I can?t help to think which one is the correct one and why the difference.

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