Titanic Passenger – Rev. Charles L. Kirkland

My great great grandfather was the Rev. Charles L. Kirkland, a second class passenger who did not survive. I’m trying to find out what I can about him starting with his cabin assignment on the titanic. Every movie about the titanic has at least one scene where as the ship is going down there is a minister comforting the passengers. I’d like to think that he could have been this person. Donald Duval of Manchester, NH

I am the great great niece of Rev. Charles Kirkland. My great grandmother was Mary Ann Kirkland and she was married to Thomas Jarvis Morris Joyce Bonnicksen

Rev. Charles l. Kirkland could have been one of my relitives, I am still reaserching on him. But all I know for right now about him is, his name, that he was in a second class cabin, and that he did not make it. Chris

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  1. My Grandmother,
    Leonora Kirkland (maiden) was the youngest 19 children.
    Her Brother was Charles L. Kirkland.
    Charles’s father was a traveling preacher in central ME.
    Around Bangor.

  2. Rev. Charles Kirkland was originally from Maine. He was brother to my grandmother Leonora Kirkland. His father was my Great Gradfather ( Rev. James Kirkland) they were from the Bangor/old town) area of Maine- usa…
    As I understand it… Charles was one of 5 Clergy.
    I also have heard he was meant to bring back an inheritance from the UK(Scotland??)
    Martha Dyer

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