Titanic Passenger – Robert Daniel and Lucien P and Mary Smith

My grandfather was on board and survived. He met his first wife on the Carpathia, and she had seen her first husband go down with the ship. Charlotte Wray


On one of your pages, there is a woman named Charlotte who says her grandfather met his first wife(who watched her first husband die in the sinking) aboard the Carpathia. After reading the entry I immediately knew who they all are. The “grandfather” is Robert Daniel, his first wife is Mrs.Lucien P. Smith(Mary), and her first husband is Lucien P. Smith.


As an addition to Charlotte Wray’s noting of her relationship to Mrs. Lucien P. Smith and Robert Daniel. I’m sure she’s visited Phil Hind’s Encyclopedia Titanic, where there is a wealth of information (including an article about Mary’s death)about Mary and a bit about her future husband who was aboard the Titanic, so what I must recommend is the A&E documentary “Titanic: Death of a Dream.” Mrs. Lucien P. Smith’s account of her behavior on the night of April 14, 1912 is described in that documentary with pictures, a young woman serving as her ‘voice,’ and vivid detail

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