Titanic Passenger – William Augustus Spencer

I have a photo that my grandmother said was my great uncle W.A. Spencer… who died on the Titanic. I did check the passenger list, and there was a William Augustus Spencer who did in fact perish. I would be happy to share the photo… If anyone has a photo of W. A. Spencer to confirm it is the same gentleman I would like to hear from them.

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  1. Hello could u please send a copy of the picture of Willian Augustus Spencer via email, he is also a relative of mine. I understand his sister later in ealry 1930’s traveled to the Philippines and started the first boyscouts in that Country. many of the unknown victims of the Titanic are buried in Halifax cemetary very close to me here in Nova Scotia, and the twin of Titanic Captains door name plates reside here with his decendants as well, made by the Irish maker Hearns . Hearns always made 2 sets of door plates for all the ships he worked on. These have been previously unknown by anyone. Wiilaim A. Spencer was transporting some very important books and documents collected on behalf of the Freemasons in New York that he collected in Europe, would you possible have any idea of the names of some of those books? Please respond to my email me at teamviewer@live.ca

  2. I am sorry, I do not have a photo to share at this time. I am a relative of Annie Spencer, Lord Spencer being my great grandfather. There was a box of his belongings left to me that were stolen at one point. They were his immediate effects taken from him from the boat, his glasses, a Torah and zoar from hus affiliation with the priuere, and their rings, some clippings and the like. I would dearly love to see your photo if you don’t mind sharing it. All my life I have seen the two of them in my heart and have known they were there. There are people I have Just felt drawn to who have turned out tube related. Once when I was eight I visited London. I plopped myself down on Trafalgar square, tossed a union Jack over my head and pronounced myself home. My parents took a picture. I would love to see What you have and will share what I am able to recover. Thanks.

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